YUMAK was founded in the dreams of Mehmet YUMAK a hard worker and idealistic young man in almost 20 years old.




The young entrepreneur made the capital of his knowledge started his business with a 100 m2 workplace and 1 turning machine.




The first export was made to Greece. Started selling the products to the middle east market and has pointed out  his name in brake brand with his quality.




Moved to the new factory of 1000 m and Increased the number of exported countries to 10.




Incorporated into the factory building of 2000 m Expanded the workbench  and Started produce own molds  Branding activities started and increase the exported countries to 40.




The application for the tse-iso certificate and received in a short time. The company acquired his own aluminum injection printing.




Moved in our nowdays factory in KONSAN industry area. increasing the exported countries to 60, create the web and got the Gost certificate.




Fit out the workbench with advanced technology in the factory of 10000 with more than 30 years of experience continuously the production with the first day of excitement to export all over the world.




We started production in our new factory building ( 18.000 m² open area 16.000 m² using area  in total 34.000 m²)




11 horizontal, 4 lathe, 4 vertical operations, 1 sliding automat, 1 discus grinding, 1 crank grinding, 2 casting machines and 15 press machines continue production without interruption.




R & D center was opened. 16949 quality certificate was obtained. 20 horizontal, 6 lathes, 10 vertical operations, 3 sliding automats, 2 crankshaft grinding, 16 press machines continue production with any slow down.




By expanding our factory building, we continue to grow increasing our production capacity with 24 new engineers and 365 qualified employees. We keep producing fulfilling the spare parts needs all over the world. (34.000 m² in total, 24.000 m² closed area)